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Creativity, Ease and Fun:
The Experience with Shanna & Co

A portrait session is not only about a photographer taking pictures. It is a whole experience and one that should be positive from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, not all photographers provide the full experience. 

Not only does this affect your encounter, but it also affects the quality of your images. Here at Shanna & Co., we want you to have a great time and breathtaking portraits. We offer comprehensive photography services that facilitate an enjoyable experience.

How We Work

Your portraits begin with our preparation. We are not a traditional photography studio that requires rigid adherence to protocol. It’s our hope that you enter into the creative process and that, together, we create a product we are all proud of.

We handle your photography needs from the beginning to the end:

This in-person consultation is a key element of our services. We will meet in your home to choose clothing, design the session and envision where in your home photos will be placed.

While we’re in your home, we look at your rooms and help you decide where the finished portraits should go. We measure walls and consider the style of your room and home. Doing so ensures that we can create an end result that complements your home. We want your image to be displayed like any other high-end work of art.

Your Portrait Experience

Step 1

Planning Your Portrait Experience

After meeting with you, we plan your session that aligns with your vision. We handle everything and arrange the set, lighting, props, design and even clothing options.

We have a customized approach that focuses on what you want. At every step of the way, we consider what you tell us during your consultation.

Step 2

Picking the Images

After the photoshoot, we will come back to your home and show you the images. We help you to choose your favorites and design your order. Once you do, we will have the images printed in our high-quality lab. The quality of the printer has as much of an impact as the actual image itself.

We will decide together the best finish for your images. When displayed the correct way, a portrait truly becomes a work of art as well as the highlight of your room.

Step 3

Delivery and Installation

One of the biggest challenges of displaying wall art is installing it. If it is not centered or hung properly, the result will leave you less than satisfied. Instead of leaving you to deal with the difficulty of hanging your finished product, we take on the task.

We deliver and hang your artwork. In fact, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you want professional portraits, you deserve to have the whole experience. Shanna & Co. is ready to give you that experience. Contact us today and we can get started on creating your timeless heirlooms.

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Easy and Stress-Free Photo Sessions

The potential stress of a photo session is real. Whether you are wrangling a big family together in their best clothes or are yourself a bit anxious about being photographed, we have processes that put you at ease. Here are additional services that will make your photo session a delight:

You can choose how much guidance we provide. Be it a little or a lot, we will make every effort to create a warm, comfortable environment so you can look and feel your best.

What Makes Us Different?

Final installation of the work

We handle the planning

Comprehensive photography services

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